REVIEW: February Taste Trunk

As I mentioned before, I got Joel a fancy schmancy Valentine’s Day box from the Taste Trunk people, which meant we had two giant boxes of sweets to get through last month. I never would have thought eating snacks would be a problem for us, but as it turns out, two boxes is at least one box too many!

February Taste Trunk

A lot of these items also came in the Valentine’s Day Taste Trunk, so we’ve had our hands full eating doubles all month!

Joel didn’t photograph or otherwise document what he got in his Valentine’s box, and had eaten a few things before I got home from my weekend in San Francisco. As it turns out, the stuff he had left was stuff that would also turn up in our February box a week later. Luckily, it was good stuff. Sadly, we’ve had so much trouble eating it all that some things were probably not eaten at the optimal time. Still, LOTS of delicious things to enjoy:

  • Le Caramel chocolate caramels. These were in both boxes and we still have about half a box to go. They are really lovely, buttery and caramely with just a punch of chocolate at the end. The texture is perfect! I have often thought about trying to make sea salt caramels, but I doubt I could make them this delicious.
  • Seattle Chocolates pink bubbly truffle bar, total toffee bar and coconut macaroon truffle bar. Joel also got the pink bubbly truffle bar in his V-Day box, so I broke one open and took it to the office. There are pop rocks and freeze-dried raspberries inside, and at first the flavor/texture combo was a little strange. Half a bar in, though, and I was hooked. Joel took the total toffee bar to work and says that it was “delicious.” In fact, he said it was delicious about four times before apologizing that I hadn’t gotten any. We’ve been sharing the coconut macaroon bar. The coconut flavors are very subtle, almost too much so, I think. Just yesterday I cracked open a jar of Biscoff spread and dipped a chunk of the chocolate right in the jar. That made it just about perfect.
  • Clairesquares milk chocolate squares. Shortbread plus caramel plus chocolate. Man, these were delicious. I ate one a day for four days, and had they not been so rich, I would have eaten them all at once. Plus? Not gluten free! So I didn’t feel guilty at all for eating them and not sharing.
  • Just Desserts coffee cake and brownie bites. I’m a little torn about the Just Desserts items. In the Bay Area, you can buy their treats in most good grocery stores, so I’ve tried a lot of their cakes and brownies. Most of what I’ve had before tasted just a day past its prime, just the teensiest bit stale. While I found the coffee cake bites to be moist and delicious, the brownie bites definitely had that bit of almost-old crustiness to them. Also, the fact that I’ve seen Just Desserts in my neighborhood monster supermarket made it feel less special to me.

What I haven’t mentioned in all this is that Claire also got a giant box of cookies and chocolates from her grandma for Valentine’s Day. Her stuff wasn’t nearly as good or fancy as ours, but it meant 33% more things to consume! It’s a good thing I was training for a race, or I’d weigh a million pounds by now.

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